Bobby On The Loose!

RNC Here I Come!
August 21, 2008, 11:30 pm
Filed under: Republican National Convention

It all started one sunny morning during my freshman year at Temple University.  I opened my email to a message from Ruth Ost with the subject line something to the effect of “Political Junkies…Great Opportunity!”  Now typically I disregard emails from Ruth because most of them belong in my junk mail, but as an avid Republican and political guru, this one caught my eye.  As I scanned the message, I was excited to learn that the Vice Provost’s Office would sponsor three Temple students to travel to the Democrat and Republican National Conventions in Denver and Minneapolis.  I thrillingly thought to myself, “that has me written all over it!”  However, I soon disregarded it once I considered the thousands of students at Temple and the fact that I was just a first semester freshman.  How could I possibly put together a resume and write an essay so impressive to compete with the hundreds of upperclassmen that would surely apply for such an exciting opportunity?  Even though Temple is a very liberal campus, there has to be at least a couple hundred Republicans on campus who would also think of this as the chance of a lifetime.  Well that was my first mistake…the Republican population on campus is probably in the teens.  My second mistake was discrediting myself to think that I didn’t have what it took to be awarded such an opportunity.  While debating politics with Ruth one afternoon, she asked me if I was going to apply?  I expressed my lack of confidence, but she encouraged me to give it a shot anyway.  After spending countless hours sprucing up my resume and drafting my essay, I finally felt assured I had put together an impressive application.  

And then I waited.  I waited for days, and weeks, and months.  Each day I would ask Ruth when the decisions would be made, and she promised me by Halloween.  Finally Halloween came, and still I heard nothing.  The Honors Office closes at 5:00, so by 4:30 I had simply accepted the fact that I didn’t get it.  But, at nearly 5:00 on the dot, I received an email from Ruth titled “This is not trick-or-treat…it’s all treat!”  Let’s just say the rest is history.

All summer I have prepared for the RNC by contacting my local delegates and spending much of my money buying ties and dress shirts.  I recently learned my fieldwork assignment will be working with photographers from and the Pioneer Press, a large media outlet in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region.  Now I am just three days away from hopping on a flight at PHL headed for Minneapolis and one of the greatest experiences of my life.


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