Bobby On The Loose!

We Made It!
August 25, 2008, 3:33 am
Filed under: Republican National Convention
Us at the Philadelphia International Airport before departure!

Us at the Philadelphia International Airport before departure!

We arrived in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul this afternoon following two hassle free flights (which is uncommon these days).  We were meeted and greeted by the wonderful people of The Washington Center and dinner soon followed.  After dinner, we had a short ice breaker in which fellow Temple student Ian Peterson stood in front of the crowd and did his impressions of Greta van Susteren and Geraldo Rivera.  Let’s just say he was a fan favorite.  Next we got the run down of what to expect, but more importantly, we were warned not to have too high of expectations so that when exciting things happen, we can be pleasantly surprised, and when other things don’t happen, we won’t be disappointed.

Former Congressman Mickey Edwards also spoke, reminding us all of why we were there.  Despite many people’s negative views towards politics, he said “politics is the way free people govern themselves.”  This is evident given right now a whole separate platform of opinions are being discussed in Denver.  Even though politics are often perceived as people bickering with each other, the engagement of free ideas is what make democracy works, which is important for all citizens to consider.

Lastly, we got together in small groups that we are going to meet with throughout the course of the week to satisfy our academic portion of this trip.  Each of the twelve groups have a faculty advisors, and let’s just say my group lucked out.  Most advisors are professors at universities throughout the country, however, mine also holds the duty as a delegate from North Carolina, which she ensured us would help to get my group credentials and invitations to many exclusive functions and parties.  More on that as it develops!  I am definitely in store for an exciting two weeks, despite having to be up at 6:30am every morning!


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