Bobby On The Loose!

A dose of reality.
August 26, 2008, 3:51 am
Filed under: Republican National Convention

We had a few doses of reality today.  After having to wake up at 6:30 this morning, we soon took a stroll a few blocks to Augsburg College, a small liberal arts college that is hosting The Washington Center for the duration of the convention.  We enjoyed a few guest speakers who continued to reiterate the importance of politics in our lives in order to maintain the democracy that we cherish.  Once again, former Congressman Mickey Edwards spoke, this time about the day he was inaugurated into the House of Representatives.  By comparison to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s historic runs for the White House, he reflected on the fact that American politics, despite many people’s views, are no longer controlled by WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) as they formerly were.  Raised in a Jewish family, he reminisced of when he was elected in 1977, and how this notion has been reinforced by Senators Obama and Clinton.  There was also much discussion of who will be John McCain’s VP pick, and let’s just say there was no clear consensus.  Speculation ranged from Joe Lieberman to Mitt Romney to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and there was even mention of Hillary Clinton!  What is interesting to note is that McCain plans to announce his selection on Friday, the day after the Democratic National Convention wraps up, which will surely shift media attention away from the Democrats all weekend until the RNC begins, and will likely negate any bump in the polls Obama might expect following his convention.

However, much of the fun stopped there.  We took a break for lunch and went to a restaurant infested with unemployed hippies who are in Minneapolis to protest next week.  After hearing their shenanigans and then being called a fascist, I left to eat someplace else.  Following lunch, we met in our small groups to begin formally learning about the political conventions.  My expectations coming here, especially as a business student, are to have a phenomenal time and take in the rush and excitement that I am going to experience as so much national attention will be focused on Minneapolis.  If all went well, I might meet and have my picture taken with John McCain, George Bush, maybe even Sean Hannity and Info-babe Megyn Kelly, but nobody told me we were going to have HOMEWORK!  But so it seems that if I expect to receive three credits upon the completion of the program, I am going to have to keep a journal and write a paper.  Thank God there are no midterms or finals.  My last big disappointment of the day came as I continued to meet many of the fellow students here.  It seemed reasonable to expect that the people who would want to be here would be other conservatives like myself.  Finally, I can have a week to bask in the glory of being a Republican, something that is not easy to do these days.  But no.  People starting coming out of the woodwork and revealing that they are actually Democrats!  How did this possibly happen?  I am sure that no Republicans mistakenly showed up at the DNC!

Nonetheless, I am still having a great time, and I think that my interaction with my honors advisors has proven that I get along just fine with liberals!  We concluded the day with a trip to the Mall of America.  While it is thrilling to say that I have been there, it is really nothing special, other than having an amusement park right in the middle of the mall.  For any Philadelphians who love to shop, my opinion is that King of Prussia is nicer!


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