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The rise of the executive branch.
August 28, 2008, 4:13 am
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Me and Former Congressman Mickey Edwards

Me and Former Congressman Mickey Edwards

This morning’s business got a little heated when former Congressman Mickey Edwards gave his presentation on something that he wrote about in his book, “Reclaiming Conservatism.”  In it, he discusses how Congressional power has decreased while the president has gained authority dating back to FDR, particularly in foreign affairs.  Many Americans view the president as a leader and figure head of our country, however, the Constitution states that we have three equal branches of government.  Despite being a passionate conservative his entire life, he talked about his grievances he has with the Bush Administration in regards to such advances in power.  He believes that in a number of instances, the Bush Administration has done things that violate the Constitution and the concept of checks and balances by not having Congress approve some of Bush’s actions, such as the wire tapping.  As he made some of these accusations, a number of people began to get upset.  One student raised his hand and began shouting at Congressman Edwards, more or less insinuating that Congressman Edwards was being a liberal and that a true conservatives voice should be represented in this debate (although he was unwilling to debate.  Congressman Edwards defended his conservatism in saying that while he agrees with President Bush in policy, he doesn’t in many cases with the procedures Bush has taken to get what he wants. 

After this happened, I sat back and analyzed both people’s positions and came to the conclusion that in reality, Congressman Edwards was being even more conservative than President Bush.  In requesting Congress to reduce some power of the executive branch, it is limiting the central government, and that is what conservatism is all about.  It is probably safe to say that much of Congressman Edwards bias comes from having served time as a Representative in the House, so that should be taken into consideration.  It is also important to look at technological advances that has made quick decision making by the president essential, typically not leaving time to wait for Congress to vote on whatever measures need to be taken.  However, the scary thought is what precedent have presidents of the past, including but not limited to George W. Bush, created that could continue the expansion of the executive branch and giving it excessive power?  As a passionate conservative myself, I stand with Congressman Edwards in agreeing with Bush policies, but not necessarily procedures in all cases, and that checks and balances need to be restored to proper function to maintain democracy. 

Outside of the Xcel Energy Center

Outside of the Xcel Energy Center

After all of the rousing discussion, we were bussed to the Xcel Energy Center where we got a behind the scenes look as the venue for the convention was being set up.  The technology and design of the building are incredible.  It is sure to be a glamorous event.

Sound bite of the day: “I have watched how Barack Obama touches people.” -Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE)


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