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How did a chair nearly end up in the TV?
August 29, 2008, 4:26 am
Filed under: Republican National Convention

Because I nearly threw a chair into the TV while watching Lord Barack Obama’s speech tonight.  No number of eloquent words can begin to describe the frustration I experienced as I watched a man in contention to be our next president describe policies so insulting to what it means to be an American.  Just typing this blog angers me to think that the Democratic nominee for president has such flawed and unrealistic economic ideas that could damage our economy in a very severe way.  How does passing out entitlements benefit the economy of the United States?  How does subsidizing health care create a better economic environment for America?  How does raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy create more jobs for this country?  How does blaming George W. Bush for a housing crisis that was out of his hands and an unpreventable natural disaster that hit New Orleans make sense?  How does promising to be independent of foreign oil in ten years seem to be a realistic outlook on the future?  And how does Barack Obama wearing a $2,000 suit relate him to the common man and the struggles he claims they face?  These were just a few of the gripes I had as I watched The Messiah promise policies so out of touch with reality.  These are just a few of the reasons why I nearly threw a chair at the TV.  Was the speech orated masterfully…absolutely.  Do the Republicans need to dazzle in Minneapolis…without question.

Sound bite of the day: “If you are not liberal when you are young, you have not heart.  If you are not conservative when you are old, you have no brain.” -I didn’t hear it today, but I did at some point in time from either Ana, Amanda, or Ruth.

The reason I make that the sound bite of the day is because I have been thinking a lot about the youth support Barack Obama has.  Every corner I turn on Temple’s campus, there seems to always be someone with a Obama t-shirt or someone handing out fliers.  But I think Obama winning based on the ignorance of college students is also a scary thought.  In my opinion, people my age are voting on emotion.  The question is, are they going to be able to live with the repercussions that will exist years down the road when so much of their hard earned money is being subject to unbelievably high taxes?  It is a question that not even I can answer now, but one that will eventually be answered if Barack Obama is elected.


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