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Sarah Who?
August 30, 2008, 3:04 pm
Filed under: Republican National Convention

Yesterday morning I turned on the TV and learned that Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty were officially out of consideration to be McCain’s VP.  Then they began to talk about Sarah Palin, and I said to myself “Sarah who?”  While I was happy to hear a lot of speculation focus on a woman candidate, I was still unsure of how to feel since I have never even heard of this lady before. 

During the morning session, they streamed in McCain’s announcement live so we could all watch.  Everyone at that point had been well assured she was the pick, so it was no surprise when the official announcement came.  And then she spoke, and I was wildly surprised.  I thought she spoke exceptionally and I think she brings a lot of attractive values to the ticket.  She is definitely very conservative, which was important in a pick to assure that the Evangelicals come out to vote on Election Day.  But what I liked most about her is that she is a Washington outsider.  That seems obvious, but what I mean by that is that she didn’t get involved in politics because she wanted to make it a career, she did so because she saw something that needed to be changed and she did it.  She didn’t plan to rise up the ranks and eventually be the governor of Alaska, but as she got involved in city council and then mayor, she saw even more challenges that needed to be faced.  Even though she is “inexperienced,” I still feel as if she is one of the only candidates who was able to give a speech about the accomplishments she had in office, not just attack the other person.  She also brings energy to the Republican Party.  Is going to attract many Hillary Clinton voters?  Probably not.  But I think she will get conservative women out the polls, a group of people who may have otherwise not voted in this election. 

No matter what happens on November 4, it is going to be historical.  Either the first African American will be elected president or the first female will be elected vice president.

Sound bite of the day: “…reform…” -Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) (Finally the Republicans have found a synonym for the word “change”)


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