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GOP Pep Rally
September 4, 2008, 4:28 pm
Filed under: Republican National Convention

Because Monday was an abbreviated session due to Hurricane Gustav, Tuesday night really got the ball rolling.  The lineup of speakers was impressive, and they certainly lived up to their expectations.  The entire arena was electric as Laura Bush, Fred Thompson, Joe Lieberman, and President Bush delivered positive speeches that highlighted the achievements and heroism of John McCain.  The atmosphere felt like a pep rally, and everyone was cheering for the same guy.  It was like an Eagles game with not a single Cowboys fan in the stands!  Everyone was fired up!  In my opinion, this is what I think the Republicans have done tremendously right and that the Democrats have done terribly wrong.  Although I am sure the time will come when speeches will be delivered to identify the weaknesses of Barack Obama, Tuesday night focused on John McCain, what he has done, and what he can do when he is elected president.  The speeches were inspirational and uplifting, not negative and condescending.  I think this is the way the Republicans should move forward in the campaign by stressing John McCain’s record and achievements.  Barack Obama’s flaws need to be exposed, but McCain’s entire campaign should not be centered on it.

The people on the stage weren’t the only people the media wanted to hear from, though.  Apparently, they also want to hear from me!  Yesterday, I was interviewed by MTV News (I hope everyone in Temple’s cafeteria saw me!) and also by the BBC.  As a young Republican, they wanted to know what I thought of President Bush not being here, the choice of Sarah Palin as VP, and why I support John McCain.  It was all very exciting, and I am sure that the British will love my opinions.  I also appeared on Fox News standing behind Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmerer while they broadcasted live from the convention floor.  I hope all of you dedicated Fox fans saw me!

On my way leaving the convention last night, I also bumped into Karl Rove.  Mr. Rove is despised by most liberals, mostly for being the smartest man in politics and getting George W. Bush elected twice!  But I would like to clear up the fact that Karl Rove is an absolute gentleman and a really nice guy.  He took picture with everyone who wanted them while fending off a dozen or so reporters.

Me and Karl Rove

Me and Karl Rove


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