Bobby On The Loose!

The grand finale!
September 8, 2008, 1:49 am
Filed under: Republican National Convention

Thursday night capped off what I would consider to be a very successful convention for the GOP.  The stage was rebuilt for John McCain’s keynote speech to jut into the crowd.  The lineup of speakers was not as powerful as the night before, but everything would come to fruition once McCain himself accepted the nomination.  Former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge spoke and helped to reinforce why Sarah Palin was picked as VP.  Ridge had been speculated to be selected as McCain’s running mate, but after he spoke, I realized how crucial it was for someone like Sarah Palin to be chosen.  In my opinion, the enthusiasm and excitement of the entire convention was focused on Palin, and if anyone else, like Ridge, Romney, or Pawlenty (who all spoke), gave the Vice Presidential nominee address, the convention would not have been nearly as successful.  In case you hadn’t heard, as many people watched Palin’s speech as Obama’s, and even more watched McCain’s.  This is amazing considering the Republican party should have been completely defeated before the campaign season even started given the current administration’s negative approval.  I think it’s all going to come down to the Republicans obtaining a completely untapped demographic, working mothers and soccer (or hockey) moms, which is going to put them over the top.

Also speaking Thursday night, just prior to John McCain, was Cindy McCain.  I have to give her a lot of credit for all of the great mission work she has done around the world, but she is as dry as a bone and not a very good public speaker.  But I guess it is quite difficult to try and hold her to the same standard as Laura Bush!  When John finally entered the stage, the place went wild.  He was warmly greeted by ten minutes of applause, and was frequently interrupted  by even more applause throughout his speech.  In my opinion, his speech wasn’t all that great either.  The content was there, but like his wife, he is not very exciting to listen to.  Even still, it was a thrill for me to be there and hear a tremendous story about a war hero who is going to be the next president of the United States!  After his speech, the celebration began.  Millions of balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling as people cheered and danced.  Walking around, I was knee deep in balloons.

Aware of all of the other people I had run into previous nights of the convention, I then hung around the back tunnel where John McCain was sure to exit.  I got there just in the nick of time, and he was already there shaking hands along with Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman, and John Voight.  There were a few people standing in front of me so I wasn’t able to shake any of their hands, but I did get some great pictures of all four of them.

I would finally like to extend some thank-yous and acknowledgments to the people that made this a great and successful experience for me.  First, to Dr. Ruth Ost and the Vice Provost’s Office that initiated and funded the program.  Second, to Dr. Robin Kolodny, who prepared me so well for what I experienced in her class I took in the spring.  Lastly, to my parents, who always support everything I do.  What an unbelievable experience the last two weeks have been for me.  Having got a taste of what a convention is like, I know for sure that Minneapolis will not be the last city I visit for a Republican National Convention.  The true question is not if I go to another convention, but in what capacity (perhaps delegate, congressman, senator, or nominee!)?


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