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From St. Paul Back to Philly
October 15, 2008, 4:00 am
Filed under: Republican National Convention

There was lots of catch up to do once I arrived back in Philly since classes had already started the week before, hence the reason why my blog has remained stagnant for a bit of time.  While I love Philadelphia, the political climate certainly differs from my two weeks in Minneapolis.  Let’s just say that my “McCain-Palin” button is not very well tolerated.  Until the deadline of voter registration, Obama supporters stood on nearly every corner registering people to vote.  Two things baffled me with their efforts.  For one, I think that voter registration should be non-partisan, therefore all of the Obama signs, buttons, and t-shirts displayed by the volunteers were unnecessary.  Talk about intimidating anyone who would think of registering Republican!  While I would never go out of my way to talk to these people, I loved it when they would ask me if I was registered to vote, and I would respond with: “Yes…Republican.”  Nine times out of ten, that spurred further political debate which is always enjoyable for me.  The second thing that made me laugh with regard to these people is how, up until the very last day of voter registration, they remained persistent in asking every person who walked by if they were registered.  College students are notoriously unreliable to actually go the polls on Election Day.  Therefore, what are the chances that a student who waited until the very last day to register to vote will actually show up on Election Day?

Since being back, I have also begun preparations for my semester in Tokyo!  My flight is booked, and I am set to leave on January 5.  Aside from my Japanese class, which is probably the most challenging class I have taken since I have been at Temple, I have mostly been filling out paperwork to apply for my visa.  More on those preparations as they happen.


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