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January 22, 2009, 10:51 am
Filed under: Study Abroad in Tokyo

Yesterday I met with a company that I will be interning with while I am in Tokyo.  The internship was organized through the Pennsylvania International Business Development Office (and my cousins Debra and Bernie), but I will be working with a company called Yamano & Associates.  Basically the affiliation Yamano has with Pennsylvania is that it tries to promote foreign direct investment of Japanese companies into Pennsylvania.  It tries to get Japanese companies, i.e. Sony and Olympus, to build factories and offices throughout the state.  Apparently, Pennsylvania recently passed a bill requiring twenty percent of the state’s energy to be powered by alternative sources by 2020, such as wind and solar.  So the office in Tokyo tries to match Japanese companies who are in that industry to make proposals and invest in the project.  I only met with them briefly (I start working tomorrow), and still don’t know my defined role in any of the projects, but they were all very friendly and I am excited to get valuable experience and exposure to an international business environment.  This internship will certainly enhance my study abroad experience and allow me to see more of Tokyo that I otherwise would not (they already promised me a tour of the US Embassy!).

After I left my internship, I went to class and then met a woman who works with my boss in the Admissions Office in Philadelphia.  Her name is Holly and she works in the deans office at TUJ, and she sent me an email introducing herself and told me to stop be her office to say hello.  So I did, and she asked my impression of Japanese food.  After I described to her my dilemma and fear of trying some Japanese cuisine, she made it her obligation to feed me and she is organizing a dinner to take me and several of her favorite TUJ students out so that I can try authentic Japanese food.  I am not sure whether or not I should thank her yet for this, but it is certainly a nice gesture and hopefully I will like the food I try and continue to eat it while I am here. I also told her of my internship, and when I told her what company it was with, she told me that she knew many people who worked there personally!  Who would have thought that in such a huge city, that connection would be there!  But she assured me they are very nice people and fun to work with.


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